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Montag, 17. August 2015, 19:17


Dear Forumites,

We are happy to announce a newcomer on the market, the Olight Valkyrie Pistol Weaponlight.
Pre-orders are welcome.

SPECIAL FORUM PRICE: €82.95 plus shipping!

LED Pistol Weaponlight
Fits Picatinny Rails

New from Olight is the Valkyrie weaponlight with variable output. This LED light is designed to attach to a pistol's Picatinny rail and remain in place even during battery changes. The 3.1-inch-long LED weaponlight features a swing arm mount for effortless setup. What makes this light different from competitors'? Its easy power changes! When the light's power runs out, simply unscrew the bezel for easy access to the battery compartment. There is no need to detach the weaponlight from the pistol! The Olight Valkyrie runs on 1 CR123A or 1 RCR123A (sold separately), which maximize output performance.
Multiple LEDs
Great for Long Distances & for Up-close Navigation

This pistol weaponlight is equipped with a powerful CREE XM-L2 LED and a smooth reflector, which creates a tight beam of light that measures up to 104 meters) long. Also included are low-lumen LEDs that offer a softer output for illuminating the immediate area in front of a user. This is especially important for law enforcement officers and military professionals who require visibility in both short and long distances. To operate the tactical light, simply press the ambidextrous switch at the end of the light. A half press will activate the momentary-on navigation LEDs, while a full press turns the high output level on. The Valkyrie offers 3 output modes: momentary, constant on and strobe. Two quick presses of the switch will turn the 10-hertz strobe mode on, which is ideally meant for disorienting potential threats.

IPX-6 water resistant
Impact resistant up to 1 meter
Ambidextrous tailcap switch
Front-loading battery compartment for quick-and-easy changes
Low-lumen LEDs for short distance navigation lighting
Variable lighting
Swing arm mount fits any Picatinny rail


Runs on: 1x CR123A or RCR123A (Not Included)
Output Mode/Runtime:
Maximum: 400 lumens / 0.83 hours
Minimum: 2 lumens / 40 hours
Low Lumen Navigation: 2 lumens
Peak Beam Intensity: 2,700 cd
Maximum Beam Distance: 104 m
Dimensions: 78 x 31 x 38mm
Weight (without Battery): 105g

This pistol light is illegal in Germany so no selling to German addresses. Sorry guys!
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Wohnort: Graz/Austria

Beruf: LEO

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Montag, 17. August 2015, 20:05

Its ok in Austria - for handguns, not for rifles :D
I miss the imprint too.
-Das Leben ist zu kurz um schlechten Wein zu trinken -

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