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Mittwoch, 9. September 2020, 18:34

Help needed with finding a "lost / hidden / abandoned " place, bunker, military complex, factory deep in the forest for a week outdoor trip.


I love the outdoors and almost every year around october me and a friend to go Sweden for a nice week long trip to get out there and enjoy nature.

This year we want to do something a bit more adventures and i would love to visit a "lost / hidden / abandoned" place bunker military complex factory deep in the forest, and i'm pretty sure there are more than enought of those kind of place in Germany so thats where i need your guy's / girls help.

I'm looking for a place around 1000KM from Holland and the lost / hidden abondoned" place , bunker, military complex, factory must be around 10 to 30 km into the woods so it must be excluded from most people.

It's a lot to ask offcourse but if somebody can find me a nice place i will send you a nice gift for the help.

If you ore someone in your family know a good place please send me PM.

Kind regards JP

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