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Samstag, 24. November 2018, 13:05

Fr or exskelibur?

Hallo leute,

Your foreign friend here :D
So, i've had an Exskelibur II decade edition before, wich i regret selling by the way ?( , and even a Burger EXk 1.
I love the size, broadness of the blade, the action, everything.
So now i feel like i want a front flipper all over again.
Even though the flliping action is way better on the Exk1 due to the jimping sticking out further, it is manageable on the boker as well.
I can't understand why Böker doesn't do that on they're model II but that's another topic.
So when i browse through the online knife retailers i always bump into the beautiful FR!
I really like the design on it as well.
Wich do you prefer?
Help me decide.



Wohnort: Niedersachsen

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Samstag, 24. November 2018, 19:16

It depends on what you want. The FR is one of the most basic folding knives out there. It is a decent flipper but especially the titanium version is very light. The knife is only suitable for light tasks. The blade steel (VG10) is a great choice for this kind of knife. I'd recommend it as a gentleman's kitchen knife for on the road. You can cut a tie, a potato or slice an apple but you probably shouldn't try to cut a soup pumpkin or use it for prying.

The Exskelibur II on the other hand is much less basic: Sure if we are talking about the framelock titanium version it is still is a basic frame lock with no insert but it isn't as flimsy as the FR. While still not suitable for hard use it is much more of an all-purpose EDC knife than the FR and the CPM-S-35VN blade should satisfy even high end steel fetishists. ;)

The FR is much easier to flick though IMO. And the comparison isn't that fair if you take the price point into consideration. Without looking at the price the Exskelibur titanium had advantages in almost every category apart from weight and opening. So I'd say you should ask yourself which knife applies to your needs (are you okay with VG10 and light use, or do you want an all purpose EDC with supersteel and the option to engage in light to medium use as well), your wallet and last but not least if you'd like to have a good flipper.

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