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Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 22:39

Claude Bouchonville Mono

Hello together,

last week I was on a trip to visit Claude in Belgium.

After a great reception and a very gentle conversation about actual themes from all over the (knive)world, I finally received my mini (12 cm) Damascus porn knife which I‘ve seen at the blade show in „Gemünd“ ( ) which is a very familiar meeting and a few years a „have to go to“ event. Just for the case you‘re hungry, the best escalope you can eat is also avaible there ;)

After a real delicious soup an some cups of coffee I asked Claude to have a look on other knives and found a really nice one :D

I‘m on a business trip at the Moment and will send a few more Infos and pics when I‘m back :thumbsup:

I‘ve tried out a few classic knives but Claude’s knives are not just beautiful, they are great users too!!!
I‘ce Killed a lot of knives in the last two years (2x Strider, 1x Behring, 1x Spartan, 1x Mozolic) The only knives who survives everything I tried out was Markus Reichart, Busse Combat and Juchten Messer... and I‘ve tried to :knueppel:

Claude can do this with a Kind of an Art knife too :clap: Chapeau Claude I‘ll be back

Kind regards
Messer? Reichart! / Kydex? Auch daher!
Lederschmiede Untermain, sonst soll es keiner sein

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